Finding inspiration from building new lasting relationships

With collaboration at our core we aim to build beneficial, supportive communities where a-list Brands, Influencers, Media Professionals, and Trendsetters can connect and create scalable relationships on a global level.

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We invite you to expand your global reach and become culturally connected in the city of opportunities.

The Collective DXB is a day full of talks, panels, and connections. This full-day Conference at the Dubai Polo and Equestrian Club will provoke Fashion, Food, Travel and Lifestyle brands to engage and create scalable relationships with the people who matter to them the most.

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Our speakers

We have a great round of speakers from sunny Dubai and some featured speakers all the way from Los Angeles, California to share their knowledge and network with you at The Collective DXB.

Our sponsors

Come join us
07. 11. 2019

An exciting day filled with a ton of knowledge. Learn from the experts and network with them at the
Dubai Polo & Equestrian Club


The agenda

We know how valuable your time is, so we scheduled the entire event around mingling and socializing.

  • Arrival and morning social 10:00 AM
  • The Welcome Speech 10:45 AM

    Ferial Moolo, CEO of The Collective Affair and Reim El Houni, CEO of dubai On demand welcomes to you to The Collective DXB

  • Idea, Strategy & Success 11:00 AM


  • Creating a Brand 11:30 AM

    PANEL A : Tips & Tools to create a viable brand. Your brand is your reputation! Hear from top brands from both Dubai and LA on how they created their brands and are well-known in the industry.

  • Let's Stretch 12:10 PM

    5 mins stretch break to boost your mind and body

  • Going Global 12:15 PM

    PANEL B : How to transcend borders. Just spin a globe and you can find an opportunity to sell something, somewhere. Doing business around the world may seem daunting. Learn how you can take the leap of faith.

  • Networking Lunch! 1:00 PM

    Time to network and eat! Join us for a healthy lunch and network with fellow attendees during this hour of relaxation and great food.

  • Having a Growth Mindset 2:00 PM

    THE FIRESIDE CHAT : How to turn failures and challenges into learnings that work for you (and your followers)

  • The Influencer Marketing Bubble 2:30 PM

    PANEL C : How To Take Advantage Before It Ends! Influencers are big business. But because the industry is facing so many challenges, there are important lessons that businesses, marketers, and social influencers should know.

  • Let's Move 3:15 PM

    5 mins dance & move break to boost your mind and body

  • Aashna's Talktime 3:20 PM

    10 mins into Aashna's world

  • Time for a break 3:30 PM

    Time for a break! Get some coffee and get refreshed for the rest of the day ahead.

  • The Content of the Future 3:45 PM

    PANEL D : Find out what new channels of content are coming up, what's the future of content creation and monetization, and everything you need know to create great content and what you need to do to keep up with future trends in content and its connection with conversion.

  • Let's Stare 4:30 PM

    Introduction of STARE Cosmetics from Los Angeles

  • Your network is your networth 4:45 PM

    It's all about who you know, how do you build a community that flourishes and offers its members support and opportunities whilst making it a viable venture - the tips and tricks to ensure that your members are engaged and connected

  • Thank You, and Reception 5:15 PM

    Vote of thanks. Join us for cocktails and bites. Continue to network with fellow attendees and engage with the latest products from our brand partners (Hosted by Stare Cosmetics)

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  • Full day access to the conference
  • Networking opportunity
  • 5* lunch and snacks through out the day.
  • Influencer subject to approval
  • Full day access to the conference
  • Networking opportunity
  • 5* lunch and snacks through out the day.
  • Student subject to approval
  • Full day access to the conference
  • Networking opportunity
  • 5* lunch and snacks through out the day.
  • Company status subject to approval
$ 130
  • Full day access to the conference
  • Networking opportunity
  • 5* lunch and snacks through out the day
VIP Full Experience
$ 185
  • Full day access to the conference
  • Networking opportunity
  • 5* lunch and snacks through out the day
  • VIP Closing reception by Stare Cosmetics
  • Experience a host of brands in our lounge
  • Network over drinks post conference

Our partners

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